What We Do

Our Services


Finance Ops

We become our clients’ "Virtual Chief Finance Officer (CFO)", headed by one of our Australian-based accountants, our team provides a scalable solution for in-house accounting functions including:   

  • Book Keeping  
  • Business Activity Statements/Goods and Services Tax (BAS/GST) 
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Management Reporting
  • Invoicing 
  • Payroll/Superannuation 

Insurance Ops

Our team provides back office support for insurance brokers and authorised representatives freeing up their time to focus on face-to-face relationships and advice for their clients and prospects. Our team is experienced in Winbent and Steadfast Virtual Underwriter (SVU). The duties we can undertake include:      

  • Straight Through Renewals 
  • SVU remarketing 
  • Renewal / New Business Reports 
  • Debtor Follow-up 
  • Proposal Forms / Quote Slips Preparation 

Strata Ops

We currently handle over 50 separate processes for our strata management clients and our team has a deep working knowledge of industry software such as Property IQ. Documents we currently handle include: 

  • Account Payable 
  • VOM Packs 
  • Work Orders 
  • Data Cleansing 
  • Production of OC Certificates 
  • Contractor Compliance 

Bespoke Ops

Our focus is on the "process" in Business Process Outsourcing. Our team can handle any of our clients’ defined and replicable business processes. We can integrate with our In-house systems and local team to ensure a seamless outcome. We have embedded our onshore staff in client teams to be an instant point of contact to prevent the loss of control issues that frequently impact outsourcing relationships.